The Malthouse Brewery was founded in July 2012 with the intention of brewing craft real ale with deep, rich malty flavours to complement the many excellent pale and hoppy craft beers that are produced at the numerous craft breweries around the region.

We use quality british barley and wheat that has been malted in a variety of different ways by our local maltsters to produce beers with deep and complex flavours. British grown hops are added sparingly to provide subtle tones of flavour and bitterness to compensate rather than mask the underlying maltiness of the beer.

We have a core range of four beers available all year round. This is complemented by our Single Malt range that showcases the various different malt flavours available and our English Kitchen range that uses local seasonal ingredients to provide a fresh flavour to the beer.

The brewery is situated in Ossett, Wakefield the unofficial home of Yorkshire craft beer and we seek to support british producers and the local community where possible.

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